Marantec M4700e

Learn about this 3/4 HP DC powered Marantec
garage door opener.

The Marantec M4700e with its 24 Volt DC motor and 700 Newtons of power is suitable for lifting your heavier single and double garage doors. For the heaviest carriage house doors and wooden garage doors, or for heavy wind loaded doors, consider Marantec’s more powerful M4900e.

The M4700e’s one piece, fully assembled drive system is available with either a steel reinforced belt or a full steel chain in a semi-closed galvanized steel C-rail. Consult with your Marantec garage door opener dealer to help you decide which drive system is best for you and your specific needs.

Marantec M4700e – Standard Features

Marantec M4700e Garage Door Opener
Marantec M4700e
3/4 HP DC Powered
Garage Door Opener

24 Volt DC Motor – The M4700e’s 24 Volt digital operating system with Direct Current (DC) Smart Motor** can be coupled with a belt or chain drive system, providing quiet and smooth operation year after year.

Its DC powered self-adjusting lifting system provides smooth start and stop action promoting not only the ultimate in a quiet garage door opener but a longer lasting one as well. The M4700e is suitable for garage doors up to 10 feet tall.

*A 24 Volt DC 700 Newton motor is roughly equal in power to a 3/4 HP AC motor.

**Smart Motor – The M4700e’s self-learning Smart Motor monitors and controls motor force every cycle to optimize operation force requirements.

Remote Controls – All of Marantec’s digital remote controls sport black, easy-to-push buttons replete with a keychain loop. Transmitters feature unique, multi-bit technology, LED control button verification and up to 4 channels for controlling other devices.

The Marantec 4700e comes with a 2-channel MINI remote with an option for a 4-channel mini or a 3-channel MICRO. Extra remotes are available at additional cost.

Multi-Function Wall Station – Designed to fit in a standard single gang electrical box, the M4700e includes Marantec’s multi-function controller. All Marantec models also include a vacation lock switch and light control.

Easy Operating System (EOS™) – The M4700e is equipped with Marantec’s EOS which is a new standard in garage door opener setup and control. It is a user friendly, fully digital system which reduces complicated programing to 3 easy steps.

Lights – The model M4700e includes 120 Watts (2-60 watt bulbs) of light with adjustable time delay; from 30 seconds to 4.5 minutes. If you do much in your garage other than park your cars, you should consider accessory garage lighting.

Automated Door Lock (Optional) – Marantec’s optional LOCMATIC G20 replaces manually operated locks such as padlocks and slide-bars. Used to secure automated sectional garage doors, it operates with the same controls that operate the remotes, wall control, and Wireless keyless entry system.

Marantec M4700e – Safety, Security and Warranty

All Marantec garage door openers are dealer installed and come with a full complement of safety and security features:

Photo Eye Safety System – The M4700e’s advanced infra-red safety system has reversal sensing technology that flashes a warning light as it stops and reverses the door when it meets with an object, animal, or person. The Photo Eye Safety System continuously looks for obstructions adding a higher level of safety for you and your family.

Wireless Keyless Entry System (Optional) – With your 4 digit pin you can control up to three different garage doors. This optional keyless entry system even allows you to provide temporary access to visitors or service personnel.

Warranty – The model M4700e has a Lifetime parts warranty. Unlike competitor’s warranties that only cover the motor, Marantec’s warranty includes all parts within the garage door opener and garage door rail system including: motor, gears, belt or chain, and electronics. When comparison shopping it is wise to read the fine print on warranties so there are no surprises.

Marantec M4700e Consumer Reports

You can be confident in the Marantec name as it is a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating. This means it supports BBB’s services to the public and meets BBB’s stringent accreditation standards.

Marantec sells their garage door openers exclusively through a network of authorized dealers. Professional installation is the only option with this brand, although parts and accessories can be found through independent and online sources. Marantec is also a private-label manufacturer for Martin garage door openers.

The Marantec brand is quite narrow in that only 5 models make up the entire line. Be sure to compare Marantec garage door openers before choosing.

Marantec M4700e – Pros and Cons

Pros +

Cons –

  • Extensive line of accessories and options
  • “Bumper-to-bumper” warranty
  • Very quiet
  • Direct Current technology
  • Self-Diagnostic System
  • Homelink® compatible (if your car is equipped)
  • Only offered through Marantec America Authorized Dealers
  • Not for the do-it-yourselfer

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