Liftmaster Model 3130

Learn about this Contractor grade Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

The Contractor Series LiftMaster Model 3130 is an entry level screw drive garage door opener. For light weight single and double garage doors, this opener may be adequate, but a few more bucks buy a lot more opener.

The LiftMaster Model 3130 is a 1/3 HP screw drive garage door opener with no frills and basic features. Although it is backed by an excellent company, it only carries a 2 year warranty on the motor and 1 year on parts. Before making your decision, consider the Liftmaster Model 3240 1/2 HP model or the compare Lift Master garage door openers before choosing.

LiftMaster is Chamberlain’s professionally installed line and the Model 3130 is available only through professional dealers. LiftMaster has an extensive network of dealers and at least one will likely to be located near you.

If you are the do-it-yourself type, learn about Chamberlain garage door openers. Chamberlain makes LiftMaster and will have a comparable model to fit your needs. The highly rated Chamberlain PD432D is a 1/2 HP screw drive garage door opener that should be considered. The difference is that the Model PD432D is available for direct purchase and installation by the consumer.

LiftMaster Model 3130 – Standard Features and Warranty

LiftMaster Model 3130 Screw Drive Garage Door Opener
Lift Master Model 3130
1/3 HP Screw Drive
Garage Door Opener

The LiftMaster 3130 uses a galvanized steel rail, a steel screw and a plastic insert to minimize noise. Screw drive models are a good fit for homes in areas of extreme temperatures.

The LiftMaster Model 3130 is a SMART Garage Door Opener®, which allows the owner to program the security codes from the either the powerhead or the control panel. Since this is such a basic model, a control panel is not a standard option. Rather, the opener is control by a lighted garage door-like button. LiftMaster control panels are available as an option.

Light is supplied by a single bulb 100 watt (max.) light. If you need more light for crafts, your workbench, or even working on your car, consider adding accessory garage lighting to your list.

The Model 3130 has a 2 year motor warranty and 1 year on parts. As with all LiftMaster garage door openers, this model also carries the Good Housekeeping seal of approval which offers assurance that any defective product under 2 years old will be replaced or refunded accordingly.

LiftMaster Model 3130 – Safety and Security Features

The LiftMaster Model 3130 includes the PosiLock® feature that automatically locks the garage door once it is down.

The included garage door remote is a basic one-button model with Security+® rolling code technology. Rolling code remotes change the security code after every use to help prevent unwanted entry. Optional multi-button remotes are available.

Protector System® safety sensors and door sensing technology are also standard. If the infrared light beam from the safety sensors is interupted by a person, animal or object, the garage door stops and reverses. Garage door sensing technology will also stop the garage door from closing if it encounters an object or person in its path.

The Model 3130 is also fitted with a manual door release in case of power outage or if the garage door opener stops working for any reason.

LiftMaster Model 3130 – What’s Included?

Included in this package are:

  • 1/3 HP Motor with 1 light (100 Watt max.)
  • Lighted door bell-like control button
  • Infrared garage door sensors and Door sensing technology
  • One Security+® 1-button garage door remote
  • 2 year motor warranty and 1 year on parts
  • Professional Dealer Installation

LiftMaster Model 3130 Consumer Reports

This basic, Contractor model does not have any reviews on the site. Sometimes no news is good news, but this entry level model more than likely has little consumer feedback due to its lack of popularity. Look at the more popular LiftMaster Model 3240 1/2 HP screw drive model and you will find two positive consumer reviews on the LiftMaster site.

For many single garage doors and a few light weight double car garage doors, the Model 3130 may be adequate for your needs. For everything else, step up to a more powerful model.

LiftMaster is an excellent brand with a great reputation. If you prefer to have your opener installed by a professional, this is a great choice. Before deciding, consult your dealer and compare Lift Master garage door openers.

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